Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Second Grade

The faces are young and the memories are old, so if you have any additions or corrections to the names listed below the pictures, please contact us by clicking on "Contact Us" in the left column.

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Front Row, left to right - Ronald Bratcher, ????, ????, Oakley Toulson, John Thorpe, Averial Rivers, Myrna Jordan, Jimmy Carter, Bobby Burnett, Geraldine Brasher
Second Row - Jimmy Glenn, ????, Ralph Kooken, ????, Howard Johnson, ????, Carol Brown, Janell Burnett, Jerry Linton, ????, Dennis Anglin
Third Row - Linda Jorgenson, Gayla Sue Pierson, ????, Ray Lee Wall, Robert Post, Kenneth Smith, Jerry Haws, Butch Vaughn, Lyle Walton, James White, Jane Leisher
Fourth Row - Steve Smola, Melvin Martin, Gilbert Lamebull, Nancy Lou Ball, Nelson Turtle, ????, Carol Pendergraft, Judy Williams, Louise Lietzke
Back Row - Miss Mildred Brown


Front Row, sitting - ????, ????, Donald Anglin, ????, ????, ????, ????
Second Row, kneeling - ????, ????, ????, ????, Sharon Evans, Leon Miller, Jimmie Jewel Stegleman, ????
Third Row - Edna Boutwell, Kathryn Burpo, Buddy Pool, ????, ????, Elwin Ellyson, Floyd Gray, Ruth Parsons, Delvin Stapps, ????, Carol Sue Davidson
Back Row - Mrs. Mosher, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, ????, Glenn Beebe, ????, Tommie Edwards
Absent - Bonnie Kuntz

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Howard Johnson remembers going to the Methodist Church
for this singing event. Anyone else remember it?

Article from the December 13, 1948 Kingfisher Times & Free Press