Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Reunions - 2012

A class reunion was held on April 1, 2012 at the Farm Bureau building in Kingfisher. John Thorpe was in town for a memorial service for his brother Louis.

Front Row, left to right - Gayla Pierson Wright, Averial Rivers Williams,
Barbara Schoelen Smola, Donna Horn Smith, Wanda Homier States, Janell Burnett Blalock
Second Row - Margene Darrough Naberhaus, Kathryn Burpo Stewart,
Jane Leisher Kochenhower, Judy Williams Bernhardt, Sharon Evans Bakie
Back Row - Danny Mastalka, Jimmy Carter, John Thorpe, Jimmy Bengs, Howard Johnson, Charlie Mathis

Danny Mastalka, Wanda Homier States, Gerald Wright

Gerald Wright, Gayla Pierson Wright, Barbara Schoelen Smola, Margene Darrough Naberhaus, Donna Horn Smith, Wanda Homier States

Averial Rivers Williams, Howard Johnson

Jane Leisher Kochenhower, Janell Burnett Blalock, Charlie Mathis, Gayla Pierson Wright

Janell Burnett Blalock, Jimmy Carter, John Thorpe, Gayla Pierson Wright, Charlie Mathis, Howard Johnson, Judy Williams Bernhardt, Margene Darrough Naberhaus

Jimmy Carter, John Thorpe, Charlie Mathis

John Thorpe, Charlie Mathis, Judy Williams Bernhardt, Howard Johnson

Margene Darrough Naberhaus, Barbara Schoelen Smola

Margene Darrough Naberhaus, Sharon Evans Bakie, Phyllis Mastalka, Kathy Burpo Stewart, Judy Williams Bernhardt

Phyllis Mastalka, Judy Williams Bernhardt

The following are from the KHS Alumni Reunion, May 28,2012

Front - Wanda Homier States, Averial Rivers Williams, Mary Abernathy Just
Second Row - Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Bengs, Howard Johnson, Tom Edwards