Kingfisher, Oklahoma

50th Reunion - 2009

The Kingfisher High School Class of 1959 gathered in May of 2009 to celebrate their 50th high school reunion, new friendships, make new ones, and have a great time. Our 50th reunion spread over three days, beginning on Saturday, May 23rd, when we met at the clubhouse at The Villas at Hunter's Creek in Edmond, Oklahoma. Thanks to Gayla Pierson Wright for securing this wonderful facility for our reunion. Thanks also to the Reunion Committee, Janell Burnett Blalock, Tom Edwards, Wanda Homier States, Donna Horn Smith, Howard Johnson, Louise Lietzke Poikus, Gayla Pierson Wright, Ray Lee Wall, and Averial Rivers Williams, for all their efforts in putting the entire reunion together.

Front Row, Sitting - Donna Horn Smith, Wanda Homier States, Gayla Pierson Wright,
Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Don Max Tharp
Second Row, Standing - Sharon Evans Bakie, Mary Abernathy Just, Averial Rivers Williams, Janell Burnett Blalock
Back Row - Danny Mastalka, Tom Edwards, Bobby Fox, John Thorpe (up high),
Howard Johnson, Ray Lee Wall, Jimmy Bengs, Barbara Schoelen Smola, Karen Paris Kenyon

Did you know our class colors were green & white? Evidently the reunion committee did, as this cake illustrates.

Donna Horn Smith shows off the cake the committee had prepared for our reunion.
That's Jim Stinnett in the background.

Left to Right - Bobby Fox, Don Max Tharp, Jimmy Bengs, Gerald Wright, Tom Edwards,
Danny Mastalka, Dianna Kale Tharp, Phyllis Mastalka, Janell Burnett Blalock, Virginia Wall

Left to Right - Averial Rivers Williams, Dianna Kale Tharp, Tom Edwards, Ray Lee Wall,
Don Max Tharp, Jimmy Bengs

Margaret Bernstein Bengs, Jimmy Bengs

Gayla Pierson Wright, Gerald Wright,
Virginia Wall

John Thorpe, Donna Horn Smith, Ray Lee Wall, Virginia Wall, Howard Johnson,
Averial Rivers Williams


Betty Vincent Edwards

Barbara Schoelen Smola, Mary Abernathy Just, Janell Burnett Blalock


John Thorpe


Donna Horn Smith, Phyllis Mastalka,
Sharon Evans Bakie, Wanda Homier States, Averial Rivers Williams, Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Janell Burnett Blalock


Wanda Homier States, Phyllis Mastalka,
Dene States, Karen Paris Kenyon,
Janell Burnett Blalock

On May 24th, several of the class met at Kingfisher High School to set up for the Alumni Reunion the following day, then, along with other classmates, held another reunion gathering at the Farm Bureau Building at Sheeriday and 7th Street. Many thanks to the local Farm Bureau staff for making their facility available to us.

Front Row, left to right - Sharon Evans Bakie, Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Kathryn Burpo Stewart, Averial Rivers Williams, Janell Burnett Blalock, Gayla Pierson Wright
Second Row - Wanda Homier States, Karen Paris Kenyon, Donna Horn Smith,
Louise Lietzke Poikus, Carol Glover Spell, Margene Darrough Naberhaus,
Judy Williams Bernhardt
Third Row - Tom Edwards, Danny Mastalka, John Thorpe, Charlie Mathis, Bobby Fox,
Ray Lee Wall, Ralph Kooken, Jimmy Bengs, Howard Johnson

Foreground - Phyllis & Danny Mastalka w/ backs to camera, Alma Post, Charlie Mathis
Back Table - Margaret Bengs (w/ back to camera), Sharon Evans Bakie, Jimmy Bengs,
Bobby Fox
Back, left - Jim Stinnett, John Thorpe

Foreground, clockwise - Carol & Ralph Kooken, Louise Lietzke Poikus (back to camera),
Carol Glover Spell (just the hair)
Background, clockwise from left - Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Karen Paris Kenyon,
Janell Burnett Blalock, Ray Lee Wall, ???, Gayla Pierson Wright, Kathryn Burpo Stewart

Clockwise from left - Howard Johnson, Carol Glover Spell, Louise Lietzke Poikus,
Gayla Pierson Wright, Ralph Kooken

Clockwise from far left - Ellen Hyatt Stinnett (in orange), Karen Paris Kenyon,
Janell Burnett Blalock, Averial Rivers Williams, Margene Darrough Naberhaus,
Judy Williams Bernhardt, Kathryn Burpo Stewart

Shirley & Bobby Fox, John Thorpe

Tom Edwards, Dene States,
Wanda Homier States

Alma Post, Howard Johnson,
Betty Vincent Edwards
(Bobby Fox in background)


Donna Horn Smith, Mary Abernathy Just


Bobby Fox, Ray Lee Wall

Clockwise from left - John Thorpe,
Sharon Evans Bakie, Jimmy Bengs,
Shirley & Bobby Fox, Charlie Mathis


Clockwise from left - Mary Abernathy Just,
Gerald Wright, Gayla Pierson Wright,
Janell Burnett Blalock


Clockwise from left - Charles Darrough (Margene's brother), Gayla Pierson Wright, Kathryn Burpo Stewart, Janell Burnett Blalock,
Margene Darrough Naberhaus


John Thorpe, Judy Rivers Beavers (Averial's sister), Averial Rivers Williams


Kathryn Burpo Stewart,
Margene Darrough Naberhaus,
Donna Horn Smith, Karen Paris Kenyon


Tom Edwards, Danny Mastalka


Averial Rivers Williams, Howard Johnson

On May 25th the Kingfisher High School Class of 1959 hosted the annual Memorial Day Alumni Reunion at the high school. It started with a lot of visiting as people arrived, followed by a great buffet lunch prepared by Snider's Catering of Kingfisher, introduction of all the KHS graduates present, and ended as it started, with a lot of visiting and catching up with friends and acquaintances.

The Reunion Committee did a great job of decorating the high high school ...

.... including placemats which, thanks to the financial support of First Capital Bank of Kingfisher, were described by many of the attendees as "a new standard for placemats for the Alumni Reunion".

A slide show containing 242 images from our web site was shown during the gathering and dining stages of the reunion.

Blatant advertisement for the author of the slide show! If you weren't at the reunion or didn't get a copy of the slide show and want one, contact Tom Edwards. It is available for show on a TV/DVD player or on a personal computer and also contains a copy of the web site and all its images. The cost is a $10 donation to the Class of 1959.

Don Max Tharp, Janell Burnett Blalock,
Ray Lee Wall


Jimmy Bengs, Alma Post

???, John Thorpe
Jimmy Bengs (in background)


Wanda Homier States, Carla Steele Dixon, Karen Paris Kenyon


Bobby Fox, Shirley Fox


Dianna Kale Tharp, Don Max Tharp


Averial Rivers Williams, Tom Edwards


Shirley Fox, Dianna Kale Tharp


Phyllis Mastalka, Danny Mastalka,
Carol Glover Spell


Dene States, Wanda Homier States


Karen Paris Kenyon, Alma Post


Alma Post, Mitzi Lechner Laxton (Ted's Sister),
Ted Lechner


It was great to see Ted Lechner and his sister Mitzi at the Alumni Reunion.

Snider's Catering has a tradition of providing the lunch for the Alumni Reunion. They always do a great job and this year was no exception.

The line was long, but the food was great!

After lunch, Class President Ray Lee Wall served as MC for the program ...

Ray Lee Wall, with Clyde Henderson projected on the wall

... and the Girl's Trio of Tri-State fame led the singing of the school song ...

Ray Lee Wall, Averial Rivers Williams, Janell Burnett Blalock, Gayla Pierson Wright

...accompanied by Sharon Evans Bakie on the piano (below, left). From their reaction (below, right) you have to assume the Trio had a great time.

Sharon Evans Bakie


Ray Lee Wall, Averial Rivers Williams,
Janell Burnett Blalock, Gayla Pierson Wright

The Alumni present were then asked to introduce themselves, beginning with the earliest and ending with the latest. Modena Reprost Sawyer, Class of 1935, won the honor of being first.

Modena Reprost Sawyer, Class of 1935

Well, we were a great class that had a great time over three days celebrating fifty years. Let's do it again soon.