Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Reunions - 2008

On January 7, 2008 a group of classmates attended an OSU basketball game in Stillwater

L to R - Donna Horn Smith, Alma Koerner Post, Howard Johnson, Averial Rivers Williams, Barbara Schoelen Smola, Ray Lee Wall

Virginia Wall, Barbara Schoelen Smola, Alma Koerner Post, Donna Horn Smith

Donna Horn Smith, Alma Koerner Post,
Virginia Wall

Ray Lee & Virginia Wall


These pictures were taken at the May 26, 2008 KHS Alumni Reunion

Front - Kathy Burpo Stewart, Averial Rivers Williams, Wanda Homier States
Back - Jimmy Bengs, Ray Lee Wall, Howard Johnson, Tom Edwards

Dene & Wanda Homier States

Jimmy & Margaret Bernstein Bengs


Kathy Burpo Stewart, Howard Johnson


Virginia & Ray Lee Wall


Howard Johnson, Averial Rivers Williams


Betty Vincent Edwards, Howard Johnson, Averial Rivers Williams


Ray Lee Wall, Virginia Wall, Margaret Bernstein Bengs


Margaret Bernstein & Jimmy Bengs

Dene States, Wanda Homier States, Kathy Burpo Stewart


These pictures were taken at John & Sylvia Lohmeyer Gilmour's house after the Alumni Reunion. Thanks to John and Sylvia for letting us join them and for sharing these pictures.

Donnie Miller ('58), Lynn Johnson ('57), John Gilmour ('57), Howard Johnson


Averial Rivers Williams, Betty Edwards

Reggie Fike, Joe Pursell ('60), Tom Edwards


Lynn Johnson ('57), Howard Johnson


Pat Pursell, Virginia Patterson Goforth
(Averial Rivers Williams, Betty Edwards in the background)


Donnie Miller ('58), hostess Sylvia Lohmeyer Gilmour ('61), Lynn Johnson ('57)


Donnie Miller ('58), host John Gilmour ('57)

Howard Johnson, Averial Rivers Williams


Howard Johnson

Averial Rivers Williams, Veta Miller


Virginia (Mrs. Ray) Wall


On August 9, 2008 Gayla Pierson Wright hosted a meeting of the planning committee for our 50th Class Reunion next year.

Front Row - Howard Johnson, Wanda Homier States, Gayla Pierson Wright,
Averial Rivers Williams, Ellen Hyatt Stinnett
Back Row - Cordell Carter, Mary Margaret Abernathy Just, Donna Horn Smith Ray Lee Wall, Janell Burnett Blalock

Donna Horn Smith, Wanda Homier States, Cordell Carter

Jim Stinnett, Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Mary Margaret Abernathy

Gayla Pierson Wright, Wanda Homier States

Mary Abernathy Just, Janell Burnett Blalock, Cordell Carter, Gayla Pierson Wright

Cordell Carter, Gayla Pierson Wright, Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Averial Rivers Williams

Janell Burnett Blalock, Ray Lee Wall