Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Reunions - 2007

When John Thorpe came to Oklahoma in April and on the 21st several classmates gathered at Averil's house for a visit:

John Thorpe, Gayla Pierson Wright, Janell Burnett Blalock, Howard Johnson, Averil Rivers Williams

Magician John disappeared from this shot and Janell obviously was not pleased about it.

John Thorpe,Donna Horn Smith, Ray Lee Wall, Virginia Wall


Neil Roberts, Betty Maehs Roberts


The following pictures were taken during the Kingfisher High School Alumni Reunion on May 28th:

Barbara Schoelen Smola, Steve Smola


Diana Kale Tharp, Don Max Tharp, Ray Lee Wall


Elmo Castle, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Donna Horn Smith, Jimmy Bengs


Howard Johnson, Kathryn Burpo Stewart, Louise Lietzke Poikus


Don Max Tharp, Averial Rivers Williams, Ray Lee Wall


Front Row, l to r - Donna Horn Smith, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Averill Rivers Williams, Kathryn Burpo Stewart, Barbara Schoelen Smola, Steve Smola
Back Row - Ray Lee Wall, Louise Lietzke Poikus, Don Max Tharp, Howard Johnson, Jimmy Bengs