Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Reunions - 2006

Donna Horn Smith hosted a group of KHS59 classmates on January 7, 2006.

Front Row (l to r) - Judy Williams Bernhardt, Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Margene Darrough Naberhaus, Jerry Stewart, Kathryn Burpo Stewart, Barbara Schoelen Smola
Back Row - Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Jimmy Bengs, Wanda Homier States, Donna Horn Smith, Averial Rivers Williams, Steve Smola, Howard Johnson, Robert Post, Carla Steele Dixon


Four events occurred around Memorial Day, 2006. On May 22nd a few friends gathered for dinner at Charlestons in Oklahoma City to congratulate Tom Edwards on his upcoming induction into the Kingfisher High School Hall of Fame.

Around the table from the left - Tom Edwards, Gerald Wright, Gayla Pierson Wright, Howard Johnson, Averial Rivers Williams, Ray Lee Wall, Gary Wall

The following evening Tom received his award from graduating senior Erin Henderson during the Kingfisher High School 2006 Commencement.

Classmates Gayla Pierson Wright and Kenneth Smith were previously inducted into the KHS Hall of Fame in 1990 and 1991 respectively.

On May 29th several classmates attended the Kingfisher High School Alumni Reunion luncheon.

Tom Edwards, Averial Rivers Williams, Howard Johnson, Elmo Castle, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Jimmy Bengs


Averial Rivers Williams, Howard Johnson, Elmo Castle, Bonnie Kuntz Castle


Howard Johnson, Donna Horn Smith, Jimmy Bengs, Tom Edwards, Averial Rivers Williams


Ray Lee Wall, Virginia Wall, Diana Kale Tharp, Don Max Tharp


Tom Edwards, Betty Vincent Edwards


After the luncheon the Class of '59 held a reception for classmates and friends at the Farm Bureau Community Room.

Front Row (left to right) - Wanda Homier States, Averial Rivers Williams, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Donna Horn Smith, Robert Post
Back Row - Howard Johnson, Ruth Parsons May, Ray Lee Wall, Kathryn Burpo Stewart, Don Max Tharp, Ronnie Hicks, Jimmy Bengs, Tom Edwards

Front Row (left to right) - Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Ruth Parsons May, Wanda Homier States, Donna Horn Smith, Averial Rivers Williams, Robert Post, Kathryn Burpo Stewart


Don Max Tharp, Robert Post


Alma Koerner Post, Tom Edwards
(in background) Robert Post, Don Max Tharp


Averial Rivers Williams, Kathryn Burpo Stewart, Diana Kale Tharp

Glenda Forbes Carmichael, Jimmy Bengs

Lesta Edwards Hood, Ray Lee Wall, Virginia Wall
(Wanda Homier States in the background)


Howard Johnson, Wanda Homier States, Donna Horn Smith, Gladys (Edwards) Pendley


Donna Horn Smith, Gladys (Edwards) Pendley, Alma Koerner Post, Bonnie Kuntz Castle


Ray Lee & Virginia Wall


Tom Edwards, Jack Edge


Howard Johnson, Jack Edge (in background), Don Max Tharp, Dianna Kale Tharp, Robert Post


Robert & Alma Post, Howard Johnson


Alma Koerner Post, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Elmo Castle, Tom Edwards


Lesta Edwards Hood, Glenda Forbes


Virginia Wall, Ray Lee Wall, Howard Johnson, Averial Rivers Williams


Averial Rivers Williams, Gladys (Edwards) Pendley, Kathryn Burpo Stewart


Jimmy Bengs, Donna Horn Smith, Wanda Homier States, Alma Koerner Post, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Elmo Castle


Elmo Castle, Tom Edwards


Tom Edwards, Gladys (Edwards) Pendley, Lesta Edwards Hood


Ray Lee Wall, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Don Max Tharp, Kathryn Burpo Stewart