Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Reunions - 1989 (30th)

Our thirtieth class reunion was hosted by Steve and Barbara Schoelen Smola in Watonga, Oklahoma. Steve and Barbara put a great program together and many fond memories were taken away. The agenda for the day folllows:

As you will see from the following pictures, the gathering got off to a great start at the Smola's home:

Jimmy Bengs, Sharon Evans Warren, Margaret Bernstein Bengs, Lucille Banks, Shirley Norwood Mitchell

Jackie Eddy Johnson, Ronald Bratcher, Mrs. Bratcher, Howard Johnson.

Dean States, Wanda Homier States, Donna Horn Smith, Kenneth Smith

Emmett Vermilyea, Ellen Hyatt Vermilyea, Steve Smola, Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards, Betty Vincent Edwards, Dale Williams, Averial Rivers Williams, Elwin Ellyson

Sharon Evans Warren, Mary Abernathy Just, Eric Just

Ray Lee Wall, Ellen Hyatt Vermilyea, Janell Burnett Blalock, Tom Edwards

Donna Horn Smith, Dale Williams, Alma Koerner Post, Betty Vincent Edwards, Glen Blalock

Elwin Ellyson, Kenneth Smith, Steve Smola, Robert Post

Ellen Hyatt Vermilyea, Janell Burnett Blalok, Averial Rivers Williams, Bonnie Kuntz Castle

..... and then off for the train ride! A little more visiting at the train .....

Emmett Vermilyea, Ellen Hyatt Vermilyea, Janell Burnett Blalock, Mary Abernathy Just, Dale Williams, Eric Just

Barbara Schoelen Smola, Larry Morrisett, Judy Williams Bernhardt, Johnnie Lee McHone Morrisett, Shelbia Yoder Lookabaugh, Sharon Evans Warren, Tom Edwards, Betty Vincent Edwards

Jackie Eddy Johnson, Howard Johnson, John Thorpe, Ray Lee Wall, Elwin Ellyson, Dene States

Donna Horn Smith, Kenneth Smith, Alma Koerner Post, Robert Post, Barbara Scheolen Smola

..... one last group picture .....

Ellen Hyatt Vermilyea, Averial Rivers Williams, ????, Janell Burnett Blalock, Donna Horn Smith, Bonnie Kuntz Castle, Ray Lee Wall Johnnie Lee Mchone Morrisett, Judy Williams Bernhardt, Wanda Homier States, John Thorpe, Shelbia Yoder Lookabaugh, Barbara Schoelen Smola, Steve Smola, Lucille Banks, Robert Post, Shirley Norwood Mitchell, Kenneth Smith

..... and then it's time to board.

Dale & Averial Rivers Williams

Ellen Hyatt Vermilyea, Averial Rivers Williams, Janell Burnett Blalock

..... and off we go, just in time for the train robbers to show up!

Left - Dale Williams, Betty Edwards, Tom Edwards
Right - Ellen Hyatt Vermilyea, Emmett Vermilyea,

You can tell who has all the money in this group --- Eric Just --- first one the bandits took off the train.

Left - Robert Post, Lucille Banks, Ray Lee Wall, Bonnie Kuntz Castle
Right - Ronald Bratcher, Dene States, Wanda Homier States

If the bandit had known what tough guys Dene States and Larry Morrisett were he'd never have turned his back on them!

Looks like Ray Lee Wall and Howard Johnson have them surrounded.

Ray Lee Wall, Kenneth Smith, and Howard Johnson continue to plot their strategy.

Several awards were given out during the evening, including one to Robert Post for "least amount of hair!"

..... and a good time was had by all.

Thanks again Steve and Barbara for all your efforts and for a great time.