Kingfisher, Oklahoma

John Gough

John was in our class in the fifth grade only. After that he moved to Oark, Arkansas for grades 6-8 and then to Schulter, Oklahoma for grades 9-12. He currently resides in Argonia, Kansas.

We tried to get John to come to our 50th Class Reunion in May of 2009, but he was not able to make it. The following picture was taken at our gathering in Edmond, Oklahoma on May 23rd. The sign Donna Horn Smith is holding isn't readable at this resolution, but it says "Hello John Gough".

Front Row, Sitting - Donna Horn Smith (holding sign), Wanda Homier States, Gayla Pierson Wright, Ellen Hyatt Stinnett, Don Max Tharp
Second Row, Standing - Sharon Evans Bakie, Mary Abernathy Just, Averial Rivers Williams, Janell Burnett Blalock
Back Row - Danny Mastalka, Tom Edwards, Bobby Fox, John Thorpe (up high), Howard Johnson, Ray Lee Wall, Jimmy Bengs, Barbara Schoelen Smola, Karen Paris Kenyon

We haven't been able to locate a picture of John from the fifth grade, but he did send the following picture taken during his sixth grade year in Oark, Arkansas.