Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Chisholm Trail Museum

The Chisholm Trail Museum, located at 605 Zellers Avenue in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, is a treasure-trove of Kingfisher and Oklahoma history. If you grew up in Kingfisher or the surrounding area you owe it to yourself to spend a half day or more exploring its artifacts.


Renee Mitchell, Director


Ginger Murphy

The picture on the right shows the area of the museum where Gene Meacham's negatives are stored. These negatives represent a good deal of Kingfisher's history while we were growing up. If you go there to view them, please be sure to use gloves designed for handling negatives. A few fingerprints here and there or scratches from using the wrong kind of gloves can destroy a good deal of that history. Also, understand that looking at negatives is not like looking at pictures. You will need some backlighting to view them and everything will be in reverse; i.e. what would be black on a picture will be clear on the negative and what would be white on a picture will be black. My brother Jim ( and I scanned them to create images for our web sites, but doing so requires a special scanner designed for scanning large negatives.